Introduction about Linux E-Learning


  • Why you should study Linux/Unix ? It’s one of the fastest growing OS, it’s free and flexible.
  • Understand Linux you can have a good job if you need a good look for any IT company.
  • Our website help you to cover Linux/Unix installation, management, security…
  • To provide you the basic and deep knowledge about Linux for Network Administrator and Linux/ Unix System Administrator. We are trying to build one website as It is a part of our website
  • We tried to design this website as an E-book with Content Bookmarks in Right Sidebar.
  • If you are an Unix/Linux Administrator or Linux Users or Students, you can get  knowledge from our website.
  • We are concentrating much about practice and LAB, so you can feel free to understand much about Linux by Case Study.
  • We are trying to summarize the installation and configuration for day to day administrative and maintainance which should be followed to keep a Linux-based server and desktop.
  • It’s not intended to be a full overview of Linux operations, as there are several good texts available as well.
  • You also can ask any question or query, we will try our best to help you. We hope we can study together.

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