Linux OS Overview and Download




1. CentOS Overview and Download

  • CentOS  (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution that provides a free Enterprise class for Linux, 100% compatibility with Redhat RHEL.
  • Old name of CentOS is cAos Linux.
  • in 2006, David Parsley, the developer of Tao Linux, annouced that it would be retired and rolled into CentOS which migrated via “yum update”.
  • in 2010, CentOS overtook Debian to become the most popular Linux distribution for web servers.
  • Right now the New version of CentOS is Centos 6.4.




1a. Centos 6.4


2. Fedora Overview and Download

  • Fedora formerly is Fedora Core, is an RPM-based, it developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and owned by Redhat.
  • Main objectives is not only to contain software distributed under a free and open source license, but also to be on the leading age of such technologies.
  • Every version of Fedora has a short life cycle – maintaince period is only 13 months: there are 6 months between releases.
  • This promotes leading-edge software because it frees developers from some backward compatibility restraints, but made Fedora as a poor choice for product development.
  • Fedora Project was developed in 2003.
  • The name of Fedora came from Fedora Linux, Warren Togame began Fedora Linux in 2002 as an undergraduate project, intended to provide a single repository for well-tested so that non-Redhad software would be easier to find, develop and use.
  • Right now the newest version is Fedora 19.

fedora 19


2a. Fedora 19

2b. Fedora 18


3. Ubuntu Overview and Download

  • Ubuntu is an OS based on Linux kernel and Linux distribution Debian.
  • It’s free and open source software.
  • In 2012 surveys, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution on desktop and laptop, and most Ubuntu coverage focuses on its use in the market.
  • It also is very popular on Servers and cloud computing. Most of popular Cloud computing providers as Amazon, Rackspace… are having Ubuntu as the top list for Server.
  • Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical Ltd.




3a. Ubuntu 13.04


4. OpenSUSE Overview and Download

  • OpenSUSE is a general popose OS built on the top of Linux kernel.
  • It developed by the community-supported OpenSUSE project and sponsored by SUSE and a number of other companies.
  • SUSE offers products and services around SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • The initial release of community was a beta of version of SUSE Linux 10.0. Now the newest stable version is OpenSUSE 12.3.




4a. OpenSuse 12.03


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