What is Postfix Email Server ?

Postfix mail


  • Postfix is an alternative to sendmail that is probably already installed on our Linux system. It’s successor to the VMailer and IBM Secure Mailer System.
  • It’s free and open source MTA.
  • The first released at December 1998, Postfix continues as of 2013 to be actively developed by its creator and other contributors.
  • Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure.
  • “Virtual” domains with distinct address-namespaces.
  • Light-weight content inspection based on regular expressions.
  • Large database mechanisms including Mysql, Berkeley, OpenLDAP, Memcached.
  • Reduce load on Server by a scalable zombie blocker.
  • Postfix can run on AIX, BSD, Linux, HP-UX, OS X, Sun Solaris…
  • We can use postix for SMTP Server (MTA) and intergrate with Dovecot for POP, IMAP Server and¬†SquirrelMail for webmail web interface to create a full Mail Server System.

Postfix Basic Configuration Files

  • To configure Postfix, we can edit just settings in main.cf configuration file.
  • There is more to Postfix than just the basic configuration file, main.cf. There are a number of configuration files in /etc/postfix directory. We need to edit before using Postfix for the first time is main.cf, and possible access and aliases.
    • aliases : user substitues, most service users are directed to root. We will want to messages addressed to root to be sent to our admins email address. It’s same with sendmail. If you choose to use /etc/aliases , adjust the alias_maps and alias_database in main.cf.
    • access : Lists allowable networks, including localhost and your Local network; it can be network subnets or a domain .ithelpblog.com.
    • canonical : allows us to substitute one email address for another. If you want to enable that, we have to adding command to main.cf.
      • canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical
    • main.cf : Primary postfix configuration file.
    • master.cf : List all services by postfix.
    • pcre_table : We can add Perl expressions for address rewriting or mail routing for this file.
    • postfix-files : includes a current list of Postfix files and permissions.
    • postfix-script : allow us to administer Postfix with options such as: start, stop and reload.
    • post-install : Not required if we installed Postfix.
    • regexp_table : lists tables where Postfix find accounts.
    • relocated : if users have moved to new locations, enter old and new email address on each line.
    • transport : Specify a certain mail transport protocol such as : SMTP or UUCP for our domain.
    • virtual : Redirect mail to specific address or domain to another.
  • So for configuring postfix, we have to modify main.cf configuration file. It’s main file. We can activate or deactivate a command by # (hash) in front.

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