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openVPN Server

  •  OpenVPN – the Open Source VPN solution by James Yonan.
  • OpenVPN is also based on SSL or the Secure Sockets Layer, a commonly-used protocol for securing transactions on the Internet. This protocol is robust and is quite easy to understand and learn for new users and often more simple to implement and manage by administrators.
  • OpenVPN as a free, secure and easy to use and configure SSLbased VPN solution- Build VPN tunnels between all major operating systems of today, including Linux, SUN Solaris,*BSD, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7.
  • Tunnel any IP subnetwork or virtual Ethernet adaptor over a single UDP or TCP port.
  • Easy installation and configuration. The installation does not require kernel compilations or patches in most cases.
  • OpenVPN is build for portability. It is easier to port because it is written as a user-space daemon rather than a kernel module or a complex modification of the IP layer.
  • The OpenSSL 3 library is used for encryption, authentication and certification features of the OpenVPN secure tunnel. Any cipher, key size and HMAC digest supported by this library can be used.
  • OpenVPN can build secure tunnels using static, pre-shared keys or use TLS-based dynamic key exchanges.
  • Tunnel networks over NAT devices, deploy VPN clients without any problems behind NAT devices.
  • Support for dynamic IP addresses.
  • Compatible with SSL/TLS, RSA certificates, X.509 PKI, TUN/TAP virtual devices.

Basic Knowledge about OpenVPN

  • We can install OpenVPN by 3 solutions
    • Use RPM packages by download and install OpenVPN by rpm -ivh openvpn.[version].rpm
    • Build package from openvpn source by ./configure, make and make install.
    • Use Yum to install automatically yum install openvpn*.
  • We can install OpenVPN Server on Linux, Windows and MAC-OS.
  • OpenVPN configuration need set up our own CA (Certificate Authority) and generating certificates and keys for an OpenVPN server an multiple clients.
  • OpenVPN is using port UDP 1194 as default port.

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