What is Squid Proxy ?

Linux Squid Server


  • Squid is a main proxy cache on Linux/Unix.
  • Squid  store requests as HTTP or FTP server, on a machine that is closer to the requesting workstation than the server.
  • It may be set up in multiple hierarchies to assure optimal response times and low bandwidth usage, even in modes that are transparent for the end user.
  • Additional software like squidGuard may be used to filter Web contents.
  • Squid will initially act as an intermediary, simply passing the client’s request on to the server and saving a copy of the requested object. If the same client or multiple clients request the same object before it expires from Squid’s cache, Squid can then immediately serve it, accelerating the download and saving bandwidth.
  • Squid is provided as free, open source software and can be used under the GNU GPL of the Free Software Foundation. Squid was originally designed to run on Unix-based systems but can also be run on Windows machines.
  • Default port on Squid is TCP 3128. We can change that as our purpose.

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