What is VNC Server ?



  • VNC is Virtual network computing server software.
  • VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing Linux environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures.
  • We use VNC viewer to connect VNC Server (Linux) which we want to manage.
  • This package is an enhanced version of VNC including TightVNC allowing it to be optimized to work over slow network connections such as low-speed modem links so you can work remotely almost in real time in most environments.

Basic Knowledge about VNC Server 

  • VNC system includes a client, a server and a communication protocol.
    • VNC server is the program on the Linux server that will be shared its screen.
    • VNC client (viewer) is the program that watches, controls with VNC server.
    • VNC protocol is simple, based on one graphic primitive from server to client.
  • VNC by default use TCP port 5900.
  • VNC is a RFB protocol and it’s not a secure protocol so we need set difficult passwords.

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